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Somers family eyecare

Eye Care Services in Somers, NY
- Comprehensive Adult Eye Exams
- Comprehensive Pediatric Eye Exams
- Contact Lens Fittings
- Vision Therapy

andrea kropf od somers, ny

Welcome to the optometry practice of Andrea Kropf OD
The office of Andrea Kropf, O.D. provides comprehensive eye care for your entire family. We treat you in both a professional and personal manner in an effort to make your family part of our family. Contact us today to schedule your next eye exam. We are convieniently located in Northern Westchester in Somers, NY.

293 Route 100, Suite 208, Somers, NY 10589, (914) 302 - 6877

Eye Exam Comprehensive eye exams are essential for maintaining eye health. Because many vision problems have no signs or symptoms, often patients are unaware that a problem exists. In order to maintain good eye health and vision, annual exams are important for early diagnosis and treatment. more

Eye Exams in Somers, NY

Contact Lenses Contact lenses are lenses that are placed on the eye to correct vision. They provide clear vision for patients with myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (far-sightedness), astigmatism and presbyopia (difficulty reading at near). more

Contact lenses in Somers, NY

Vision Therapy Vision therapy, or orthoptics, is a program of activities or eye exercises, designed to improve visual effectiveness. Children who benefit from vision therapy may be those who have difficulty in school with reading, complain of headaches when reading, or fatigue easily with reading. more

Childrens Eye Care

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